Managing Director

General call for applications
Application deadline: 

For our member company GOPA-Cartermill, we are recruiting a full-time Managing Director as full-time employee in Belgium.   As Managing Director he/she will have the overall responsibility for the company, defines the policy of the company and the overall principles, which all other operative levels have to follow. The Managing Director will report back to the General Manager of GOPA-Cartermill in Germany.  

His/her duties in general:

•   Responsible for the operative business of GOPA-Cartermill

•   Directly responsible for business development, project implementation, human resources, administration, finance &
     quality management 

•  Provides the necessary human, technical and organisational resources for the
    implementation of  tasks in  order to fulfil the company goals and delegates tasks and
    responsibilities to other persons

More specific duties :

•   Identifying market needs and developments 
  • Strategic organisation and coordination of proposals
  • Client relationsship, lobbying and„political networking“ 
•   Analysing team abilities in respects to the service field communication
•   Developing pricing know how and innovative methodologies in EC contracts
•   Technology watch and respective training and HR in regard to innovation, creativity and project management