Support to the NAPTIN Training Institute - Training of Trainers in the Field of Renewable

2012-01 to 2012-11

Major activities addressing a green economy: The aim of this project was to promote and foster training on solar and wind energy through a dual approach: Training programmes of the NAPTIN and the Yola Technical University were enhanced. A second project measure was the selection, construction and commissioning of a pilot hybrid power plant. After successful implementation of the named project, GOPA and INTEC commenced the subsequent project (Energy Policy Advisory, GIZ, 2013-2016) in March 2013. While the former project had a clear focus on enhancing NAPTIN and the Yola Technical University, the new project has a broader approach to support sustainable power supply in Nigeria, including a wide range of training providers. Both green economy projects are initiated within the framework of the existing Nigerian-German Energy Partnership.