The new coronavirus is spreading worldwide and has now also reached individual partner countries and Europe. The management of all GOPA Group companies hereby releases a joint policy on how to reduce the current risk of infection by the Corona virus (COVID-19).  We would like to point out that the following recommendations and instructions are given based on the current state of knowledge. Due to the dynamic situation, the instructions may change at short notice, especially in connection with business trips.  All information and updates of the GOPA Group Corona Policy are published  below and some additional background information sources are added.




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In case of any specific circumstances, case or question that is not addressed in the recommendations, the management of each company has all decision power to reduce risks at all levels.






Please note and also encourage colleagues , experts and partners  to  

  • Wash their hands frequently and thoroughly with soap and water and/or the disinfection liquid offered in all GOPA Group premises
  • Cough/sneeze in the crook of their arm, not in their hands
  • Keep a distance (approx. 1-2 m) to coughing, sneezing and feverish persons 
  • All colleagues with classic cold symptoms such as coughing and shortness of breath (with or without fever) should stay at home and, if necessary, contact their (family) doctor, if possible by telephone, to have the symptoms clarified.


  • The possibility of mobile working should be ensured also in our projects,e.g. by taking laptops home every day. As a precautionary measure,business travelers and returnees from the risk areas published by the Robert Koch Institut  remain in mobile working mode for 14 days  after their return and do not visit the offices in person.  









  • Business travel to  risk areas  need approvement from the line management of all project teams.   


  • The Management Board of the Group  urgently requests that all travel be reviewed for urgency and necessity.  In all situations, hygiene measures have to be considered and implemented at all means.

  • Colleagues  and experts  with classic cold symptoms such as coughing and shortness of breath (with or without fever) are not permitted to take business trips, even if the symptoms are only mild. One of the reasons for this is that possible effects cannot be foreseen when entering the countries of assignment or unfounded quarantine measures lasting several weeks may be necessary.

  • We strongly recommend  all colleagues and experts with previous illnesses and a weakened immune system  not to undertake  business travels.

  • Due to the unclear  entry regulations worldwide, the daily change of regulations in the destination country, possible airline restrictions and the travel warnings of the German Foreign Office should be checked before starting a business trip.  In this context, the regulations for transit stays should also be taken into account. 







  • In the current situation, planning of  new events should be checked for urgency and necessity and alternative options (postponement of dates, virtual formats) should be considered.   

  •  Decision on cancelling scheduled  events shall be taken by  considering the origin of the participants, as these may be accompanied by certain travel restrictions. At the same time you should observe and daily check the regulations of the national government regarding meetings and entry.








All directors monitor the situation of the spread of the coronavirus (COVID-19) in the country and the decisions on potential measures by state governments and local health authorities. Updates for recommendation to all GOPA Group directed experts and project staff will be published here.

The decision power of action lies in the management of each individual member company.

Signed: all Members of GOPA Groups Directors Forum on 2st of March 2020

Medical advice?

If you ​need advice please first contact your family doctor. If he/she is not available you can contact our company doctor. Please contact

the management of the GOPA Group company to get all relevant information on the contact details.