Green Lotus: Vietnam´s eco-labelling programme in focus


The Environmentally and Socially Responsible Tourism Capacity Development Programme (ESRT) presents its latest news and outputs. A particular highlight: The Green Lotus eco-labelling programme is being supported by ESRT through a range of activities, the most recent of which is the development of a professional and informative organisation website.

The 8th edition of the newsletter also features the support to the World Tourism Day 2014 with the topic “Tourism and Community Development” and presents a lot of interesting highlights. Worth  such as

  • Tourism Advisory Board pushes for Visa-Free Entry
  • Introducing Vietnam Timeless Charm Brand Guidelines
  • Green Accommodation Certification Scheme gets ready for Business
  • Study Tour to familiarize with Good Practices in Responsible Tourism in Central Vietnam
  • Findings of the ESRT Visitor Survey in 5 Destinations
  • Central Coast Destination Management – Way forward Proposed
  • Enhancing the Consultants of the Institute of Tourism Development and Research
  • Roll-out of the VTOS Dissemination Seminars and Online Accessibility


The ESRT Prgramme is implemented for the Viet Nam Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism (MSCT)  by GOPA Consultants in a consortium with GRM, ATC and Vision.