GOPAstats goes for new dimensions


Statistics strives to provide the highest quality statistical services across the developed and developing world, operating in established economies and societies, transition countries, and war torn post-conflict zones. With its newly established autonomous competence center  GOPAstats, our member company GOPA Consultants seeks to address the needs of a wide range of customers including international agencies, regional institutions, non-government organisations, national statistical offices, local authorities and businesses from the private sector. GOPAstats  goal is to contribute to global developments in statistics; adopting best statistical practices to meet international, regional, national and local needs – in sustainable ways.


GOPA´s new unit meets this challenge by:

  • Offering bespoke solutions
  • Being customer oriented
  • Leading statistical development projects
  • Building reliable and trustworthy official statistics partnerships
  • Adapting to changing statistical requirements
  • Mobilising expertise to meet customer needs in a sustainable way
  • Maintaining a well-motivated and informed workforce


What this means concretely, will soon be documented when GOPA will have its exhibition booth at the World Statistics Congress (WSC) which is taking place in Hong Kong on 25-30 August 2013. The exhibition booth will be primarily designed to demonstrate GOPAstats work to donors and self-funding statistics institutes but will also provide an opportunity to attract new high-calibre statistics consultants. The 59th WSC provides a platform for the international statistical community to share and present the latest knowledge and innovation in statistics. The scientific programme encompasses a wide range of topics facilitating professional exchanges and sharing amongst experts and practitioners in various statistical spheres. GOPA will be represented by Berthold Averweg, Stephan Krische and Tim Clode.

More on GOPAstats challenge and approach here.