Georgian wine sector with strong perpectives


AFC – Georgia: AFC awarded project in wine sector

AFC together with DLG Test Service has been awarded the GIZ-funded project “Promotion of private-sector development in the wine sector in Georgia”. The project will strengthen the Georgian vine value chain in order to foster its diversification and competitiveness on international markets with a special focus on the EU market. The project volume is ca. 470,000 EUR with a duration of 22 months (Jan 2015 – Oct 2016).

Main objectives will be the implementation of a Qvevri cluster (including natural and bio wines) as well as the development of a regional Wine Competence Centre and the development of a Wine Education Centre (eventually a combination of both). Furthermore, the tasks include the support to National Wine Agency (NWA), particularly with regard to wine law harmonisation, oenology / degustation commission. Also, the project will support the vinyards’ cadastre system development. Finally, the project will launch a sustainability initiative for the wine value chain incl. entrepreneurial ethics, ecological concerns.

At the second National Wine Forum in Kachreti (Jan 22/23, 2015), the project has been officially opened and introduced to the stakeholders of the sector. All topics at the forum are highly relevant to the project. Thus, different representatives from the wine value chain showed great interest in it. For further information, please see here.

AFC continues its strong and effective engagement in the Georgian wine sector, which had started in 2003 on behalf of GIZ with the project “Introduction of a Quality Management Control System for Georgian Wine”. This project had a focus on food safety and quality issues with regard to the export of Georgian wine to EU countries. It led to the successful establishment of a quality assurance system for wine, including an analysis laboratory in Georgia.