Working at GOPA Group

Your career is more than a job. As a member of our global team, you will be involved in projects that impact the future for communities around the world.
You will be empowered in a dynamic and diverse environment that maximises your skills and encourages new ideas. We feel ourselves accountable for learning from experience and it’s our mix of integrity and ambition to contribute to a better tomorrow that makes us such a special place to work.


L'assistance tecnique vise à: délivrer des conseils techniques et organisationnels et accompagner les communes dans le développement des stratégies fiscales et ses plans d’action, délivrer des conseils techniques et organisationnels...
The purpose of the advisory services is to provide high quality and SMART (specific, measurable, attainable,relevant and time-bound) services to increase development impact, to spur policy changes and investmentsto realize...
L’assistance technique vise à renforcer la structuration et le fonctionnement de l'interprofession riz du Mali ainsique ses capacités techniques pour lui permettre d'assurer pleinement ses missions.
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